Real estate sales taxation in Germany

Real estate sales taxation in Germany

Real estate sales taxation in Germany

What costs and taxes do I have to pay for the sale of an apartment or other property in Germany?

- When a property is sold in Germany, the broker and the notary fees are usually paid by the buyer.

- When selling an apartment, house or other real estate, the seller must pay tax on income from the sale of the real estate property (speculative tax).

Speculative tax in Germany is calculated as follows: from the proceeds from the sale of real estate are deducted:
- the purchase price of the property;
- all acquisition costs (brokerage fees, notary fees, acquisition tax);
- maintenance costs;
- depreciation;
- etc.
The speculative tax is progressive, calculated individually for each taxpayer and ranges from 14 to 45%.

Speculative tax in Germany is NOT paid if:

- in the last three years, including the year of sale, the owner has used the property as a permanent residence.;
- the property has been owned for over 10 years.

What is the tax for non-residents on real estate in Germany?
What taxes should be paid in Russia when selling a property in Germany?

According to paragraph 1 of Art. 6 of the said Agreement, income received by a resident of Russia from real estate (including income sale of real estate) located in another state may be taxed in that other state. Thus, all you need to do is pay taxes in Germany and provide tax attestation for this payment.

These and other questions will be answered in more detail by our tax advisor and we also offer free consultation for all clients of our company.

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