About our services

Dominart Real Estate Group of agencies of real estate with the main office in

Berlin, Moscow und Hong Kong. Our company we will help you to buy or

sell from inexpensive apartment or house in any area of Berlin to

commercial real estate across all Germany, Austria or Switzerland,

whether it be private hotel or hotel, inexpensive shop or shopping

center, an apartment house or the large investment project across all

Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Welcome to Dominart Real Estate GmbH, is one of the largest real estate agencies in Berlin. It is our aim to build asset value through acquisition, development, financing and disposition of innovative real estate investments in Germany and Russia.

Aparticular focus of our international team is to provide services for investors and entrepreneurs from Russia and Eastern Europe is in the following areas: business consulting, marketing, and partner recruitment, participation and investment and real estate financing.

Our property on offer is located all over Europe, particualy in the South of Germany, Berlin, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France. The delivery of quality services, long-term partnerships with real estate companies in Europe and a number of successful real estate sales represent our companys success.

Dominart Real Estate stands for exclusive property, absolute discretion and a qualified team, who will help you to find the perfect immovable for your perceptions or to present your property profitable on the national and inernational real estate market.

Dominart Real Estate GmbH scout for the right property according to the unique criteria of every investor whereby we use a proved network of different real estate agencies in Eastern Europe, also with direct vendors in Germany, Austria and Schwitzerland. We secure a flawless acquisition process and take care of the administration, Tax calculations and conveyance of a Notary.  


-Hotels for sale in Europe

-Multifamily house in Germany for sale

-Chinese and russian investors

About our services