About our services

Our company offers competent services for the sale, purchase or rental of residential and commercial properties in Germany. Our real estate database includes several thousand primary and secondary properties.

The benefits of Dominart Real Estate GmbH:

- 15 years of experience in the German real estate market.

- We have a good knowledge of the market and local regulations

- We speak 5 languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian, German, Chinese.

- We manage real estate

- We carry out renovation work

- Architectural services, tax consultants

- Legal advice

- Local market knowledge in Germany

We are happy to provide you with advice and support at all stages of the transaction. We can work with you to find the best options for a purchase, select the best solution for your preferences and guide you through the entire buying and selling process from start to finish.

- Every single property we select has been inspected.

- We guide and advise you through all stages of the transaction

- We help you to set up a business

- Open a bank account

- Registration in Berlin

- Assistance with obtaining a mortgage

- Property management after the purchase

- We take care of all correspondence

- Repairs

- Tenant search

We place particular emphasis on protecting privacy when selling commercial and luxury properties and have an extensive off-market base. We value our clients highly and guarantee a personal approach and a high quality European service. Below is a more detailed list of our services:

- Real estate brokerage services in Germany

- Checking and preparation of documents and contract

- Expert valuation of real estate

- Full transaction support

- Property management in Germany

- Accounting services

- Berlin repair and construction services

- Home design and furnishing

- Kitchen furniture assembly in Berlin

History of the company

2005 Foundation of the company

2009 Registration of the real estate office

2011 Registration of Dominart Real Estate GmbH

2011-2015 Regular attendance at international property exhibitions

2011 Provision of accounting outsourcing services

2011 Asset management for real estate and companies

2012 Provision of investment and management consulting services

2012 Opening of offices in Munich and Stuttgart

2013 Establishment of the Dominartinvest brand

2018 Establishment of a branch office in Hong Kong

2018 Establishment of a client service department for China

2019 Acting as an investor and business partne    


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