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(1) Advertising on https://dominartinvest.com is a free service.

(2) The user of this service is responsible only for the content, in particular for its correctness and legal admissibility, for the posted texts, documents, images and links. The user is not required to transfer any data to Dominart Real Estate, which violates the rights of third parties or applicable law. Dominart Real Estate is not obliged to check records made for violations of third-party rights. In addition, the user is obliged to release Dominart Real Estate from any third-party claims arising in connection with the publication of texts, documents, images and hyperlinks to Dominart Real Estate. The user agrees to advertise to the best of their knowledge and belief, i.e. honestly, create and delete a listing or company profile if the property offer or company profile is outdated. In the commercial area, the user is responsible for compliance with §5 TMG (Telemedia Act, imprint obligation). Images used on the Dominart Real Estate pages are licensed and cannot be downloaded for licensing reasons and used elsewhere.

(3) Any liability of Dominart Real Estate is excluded. Dominart Real Estate is responsible in the following cases:

- if the damage is caused by a guilty breach of a material contractual obligation and was caused by gross negligence or negligence or willful misconduct by Dominart Real Estate or its legal representatives or deputy agents

-on liability in accordance with the Law on product liability and in the absence of guaranteed properties

- if Dominart Real Estate has been damaged as a result of gross negligence, negligence or willful intent of a legal representative

(4) Dominart Real Estate is not responsible and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided and does not communicate with suppliers and offers.

(5) In the case of records that violate legal or official bans, and / or records that do not contain real estate offers and improperly advertise products or services, Dominart Real Estate reserves the right to change these records or delete them in the case of offers a sale or lease made without the order of the owner, as well as in the case of records containing inappropriate content harmful to minors, or misleading the consumer. Deletion of records is made without notice and justification.

(6) Dominart Real Estate reserves the right to block user accounts in case of violation of legal or official prohibitions, for profanity or violation of these terms of use.

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