Real estate in Berlin

Residential and commercial real estate in one of the most developed and vibrant cities in Europe.
Real estate in Berlin
Berlin is very popular with investors. Despite rapidly rising residential and commercial property prices, the German capital is considered an “undervalued city." The construction boom of the last 5 years (just look at the modern panoramas of the city - it is buried in construction cranes!) Hardly meets the demand for housing in all price categories, from economical to luxury.

When choosing real estate in Berlin, it is important to assess the relevance and prospects of each specific area. The success of real estate investments is determined by the transport
infrastructure, state of infrastructure, availability of schools, kindergartens and shopping
facilities, and the solvency of tenants as well as the social composition of the area. Therefore, first of all, study the location of the object and its technical condition. After that, you can begin legal checks, economic expertise (profitability assessment) and negotiations with the seller.

If you have questions when choosing or evaluating an object, we will be happy to help you with a free consultation, and if necessary, check the contracts or the technical condition of the object, and advise on taxes. If necessary, we will fully accompany the purchase and sale transaction, make repairs and select a reliable tenant for you.

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