How and when is it better to sell real estate in Germany? In order to profitably sell residential or commercial real estate in Germany, it is necessary to understand the market trends and the specifics of the object that is being put up for sale.

Our company employs highly qualified professionals with many years of experience who will be happy to help you understand the real estate market and sell your property as profitably as possible.

You can find out the current market value and maximum price of for your real estate object for free by sending us your data or asking a question in the chat.


Objects sold

We work in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

If you want to sell your property just contact us and we will help you assess your property, prepare it for sale, find potential buyers and provide full support of the transaction.


Our services

  • Free consultations for our clients
  • Multi-factor real estate valuation
  • Search for potential buyers
  • Full support of the deal
  • Preparation of all documents required for sale
  • Accountant and tax consultant services
  • Legal and technical expertise
  • Support of the sale at the notary

We guarantee customer discretion and privacy

Purchases and sales are possibly by proxy

Our Values

  • Individuality
    Each of our clients is unique in its own way. We always understand and respect the wishes and requirements of the client.
  • Transparency
    Our work is based on honesty and integrity. All our transactions are transparent and free of any pitfalls.
  • Efficiency
    Quickly and qualitatively executed service is what our clients value the most. We always do our best to meet their expectations.

What's next?

Step 1.

You contact us for a free consultation

Step 2.

We provide you with an estimate of the cost of the object

Step 3.

Together we discuss the details and sort out all your questions

Step 4.

We conclude a contract for the sale of your object
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