Business consulting in Germany

Legal Support for Real Estate and Business in Germany: Everything you need for a successful transaction and to avoid legal complications.

Since 2008, Dominart Real Estate GmbH has been providing assistance in opening and managing businesses in Germany. We manage over 500 different companies. We know and understand this market.

We guarantee:

  • Legal security for our clients. 
  • Protection of interests. 
  • Risk minimization. 

Our legal support for real estate and business transactions includes: 

  • Legal consultation: from the best English-speaking and German lawyers in Berlin and throughout Germany.
  • Transaction assessment: our lawyers conduct thorough legal research on the transaction and ensure the legal integrity of the property or business.
  • Preparation and verification of documents: we develop and formalize all necessary legal documents for the transaction.
  • Negotiations and agreements: Dominart Real Estate GmbH specialists represent you in negotiations and help achieve the best terms for the transaction.
  • Legal representation: if necessary, our lawyers will represent your interests in court.

We offer a variety of consulting and administrative services:

  • Real estate investment and management.
  • Opening bank accounts in Germany.
  • Provision of a legal address, assistance with notarial matters. 
  • Preparation of tax declarations, verification of purchase and sale agreements. 
  • Optimization of rental rates. Business immigration to Germany, company registration. 

Legal support is not just an option but a mandatory step when investing in real estate and business in Germany. It ensures your safety and success in investments.

Contact us via the website Chat or leave a request in the feedback form, and our professional lawyers will help you complete successful real estate and business transactions in Germany.

Professional tax advice and assistance of a licensed lawyer

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Investment consulting in Germany

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