Investment consulting in Germany

Do you want to start investing in real estate or maybe open your own business in Germany?

Investment consulting is one of the most popular services for finding an investor, attracting finance and starting a business. With Dominart Investment Group you can start investing in real estate and business projects in Germany and other European countries.

We apply the developed integrated approach and, first of all, strive to form a trusting relationship between us and our customers. We are with you from the first consultation to the launch of the business.


Your business can grow and develop without your active participation
  • Development of an investment proposal and a financial model
  • Calculation of financial flows and prospects for return on investment
  • Search for a suitable object
  • Opening a company and a bank account
  • Attraction of bank financing (if necessary)
  • Residence permit in Berlin


A range of services for finding a suitable investor

Finding an investor in Germany is the most important and most difficult stage in business development. We have the necessary experience and competence to reduce investment risks for our clients and attract any necessary financing.

If necessary, we will also support you in obtaining a loan on favorable terms.


For experienced and advanced investors, we are ready to offer venture-type projects, where we ourselves act as a co-investor.

Dominart Investment Group will provide full support of investment transactions for foreign investors in Germany.

We select the best investment projects for our clients, taking into account their wishes and opportunities.

We look forward to working with you! Write to us in the chat or contact us by email.

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