Buying a flat with a mortgage loan for a foreigner

How a foreigner can buy a flat on credit or commercial premises in Germany

The main task of the foreigner is to prove his or her ability to pay and the origin of the money. If the foreign national does not reside permanently in Germany and has no income in the country, the following conditions must be met in order to purchase a flat with a mortgage:

  • 50% equity as a down payment for the flat
  • financing is possible if the property has a budget of at least 200,000 euros
  • A rental agreement must be in place for the property

Banks are more willing to give credit if the credit housing is liquid. That is, it is well located in a major city in Germany, in a good part of town and in a new building. Second-hand housing is also a market, but banks pay attention to the condition of the property and the existence of a valid lease agreement.

If you wish, you can also buy a commercial property in Germany. In this case, the lease must be concluded for at least 3-5 years or more with an option to extend. Funding is also available from banks, with 50% equity capital.

Our company provides services for the selection of the desired property, supports at all stages of the purchase of residential or commercial premises. With us you will be able to invest your capital as advantageously as possible, thanks to an individual approach to each client!

Buying a flat with a mortgage loan for a foreigner
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