Construction company in Berlin

We not only help to buy and sell real estate, but also build it

Dominart Invest offers a full range of services in the field of construction, reconstruction, redevelopment of residential and commercial buildings. We provide support in the preparation and coordination of the necessary documentation with regulatory authorities at each stage of work. We can help you create an original project and carry it out from beginning to end, from architectural and design concept to furnishing and equipment of the finished building.

What we do

— We closely cooperate with customers: we determine the goals and objectives of the future building, the number of floors, the area and the main technical parameters
— If you plan to repair, then we form the project of reconstruction and renovation, depending on the complexity of the work
— We select a place for construction, conducting geodetic work, analyzing the features of the soil and calculating the volume of the foundation
— We create the project of the building, including the technical task, sketches of the object and the accompanying legal documentation
— We select contractors among the best construction companies in Germany, depending on the specifics of the project
— We fully control the process of construction or repair, making the project transparent for the customer.
— We hand over object in operation

We conduct a flexible pricing policy, work only with proven and reliable contractors who use high-quality and environmentally friendly materials and are in constant contact with our customers.

Planning to renovate residential or commercial premises? Want to implement a new building project in Germany? We are always available and happy to help you. Leave the application on the site or simply write to our chat, and we will respond to you within a minute, with pleasure providing any necessary information. You can also email us at or call + 49 (30) 516 417 63.

Construction company in Berlin
Construction company in Berlin
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