When food associates with claustrophobia

What if there is a small kitchen in the apartment? Someone does not interfere at all, someone will say that you can get used to. We have collected tips that will suit everyone and help to enlarge the kitchen without breaking the walls.

Use space wisely
1) You can put kitchen utensils or appliances (for example, a microwave) on the windowsill. Just do not overwhelm him! Small shelves under it - a good place for small items.
2) Shelves can also be built above the door.
3) How about a folding table against a wall? So do even with chairs.

4) Set the set along the wall or in the corner, it is better to abandon the bar.
5) Do not forget about the “working triangle”: a refrigerator, a stove and a sink are at a distance of up to 90 cm from each other - however, in a small kitchen it is easier to meet this condition.
6) Dishwasher, extractor hood, microwave - the rejection of some devices will save a lot of space. A stove for 2 rings, a small refrigerator is a decisive step, but if you want more air, it is worth it!

And also:
Top cabinets need to do to the ceiling.
Try using multifunctional utensils.

Color and appearance matter
1) You probably know that rooms with light walls seem larger. The kitchen is no exception.
2) You can add 1-2 additional colors to the main color of the wall in accordance with the color wheel (just find the “color wheel” on the Internet).
3) A few contrasting dark details will add depth to the interior (for example, chairs).
4) It is better to cover the floor with one type of tile. And it is better to choose a small size - in order to prevent disproportions (huge tiles on a small floor).
5) The ceiling in tone with the walls will seem higher, and if you add moldings at some distance from the walls and paint the resulting perimeter in a lighter version of the color of the walls - it will “lift” a little more.
6) A few mirrors will not interfere, but on the contrary, will increase the kitchen.

When food associates with claustrophobia
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