Renting a house in Berlin

Dominart Invest offers various rental options for residential buildings in Berlin and its suburbs.

Berlin’s urban policy has always focused on the city’s green infrastructure concept. This is one of the features of Berlin that delights and surprises investors. Today, the city has an average of 4,000 inhabitants per square kilometer. Since cities cannot increase in size, the construction of residential space is carried out in most cases upwards. Nevertheless, it rarely gives the opportunity to build new private houses, therefore, quite rarely families of large cities grow up in their private homes.

Nevertheless, in the German capital there are many options for buying or renting detached houses in one or several floors. Areas such as Köpenick, Spandau, or Pankov are partially covered by a network of private cottages, creating whole cozy streets.

If you are interested in renting a residential building in Berlin, you want to know more about prices and market offers, we will be happy to help you.

Leave a request with your request or wishes for the selection of housing on the site or simply write to our chat room, and we will respond to you within a minute, with pleasure providing any necessary information. You can also email us at or call + 49 (30) 516 417 63.

Renting a house in Berlin
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