Top 10! most expensive residential streets 2019

Let's take a look at the top streets of Berlin with the highest real estate prices.

You can pay up to € 30,000 per square meter for living space on such streets.

Paris square ~ 10.300 € / m² 

Basically, the Paris "Platz" is known for the Brandenburg Gate, the landmark of Berlin, but many newly built or renovated buildings adorn the famous square. Numerous banks and embassies have found their home at one of the best addresses in the city.

 ~ more than 10 000 € / m²

Gendarmenmarkt is one of the most beautiful places in Berlin. The German Cathedral, the French Cathedral and the Concert Hall, the Friedrich Schiller Monument and many other sights make this area extremely popular among tourists and city residents. Previously, this place was called “Gens d'armes”, which means “people with weapons”, since the square was used in the middle of the 18th century by the cuirassier regiment of guards and stables.

Schiffbauerdamm ~ 9,000 € / m²

This historic mile definitely deserves attention. The wrought iron decorations on Weidendamm Bridge, the unique location of the buildings, and the theater associated with the name of Bertolt Brecht make this place truly vibrant and culturally flourishing.

Klopstockstraße ~ 8.700 € / m²

This famous street is located directly in the Tiergarten - in the “lungs” of Berlin, the city’s largest park. Here one can be surprised to find the serenity of nature a stone’s throw away from the bustle of the city. If you live in Klopstockstraße, then you really have the opportunity to quickly choose between a trip to the center or a rest in a beautiful park.

Potsdamer Platz ~ 8.500 € / m²

Potsdamer Platz is modern and stylish. This beautiful area is distinguished by its skyscrapers - and there are not so many of them in Berlin. Sony Center and the annual Berlinale make this area truly technological and mediatized.

Kurfürstendamm ~ 8.500 € / m²

"Ku-damm" is considered one of the most beautiful and fashionable streets in Germany. Here lined up boutiques of expensive premium brands. Anyone who has a successful trading business and has found a place at Kurfürstendamm, receives a huge symbolic capital, but at the same time is forced to meet the highest expectations and requirements in his address.

Auguststraße ~ 8.000 € / m²

This street has become one of the most exciting, prestigious and beautiful art centers in Berlin. This place can be called the land of abundance for those who are interested in art, art historians or the artists themselves, because there are numerous galleries and art exhibitions in a small space, which is why this place impresses with its diversity.

Kollwitzplatz ~ 8.000 € / m²

One of the most beautiful places in the center of Prenzlauer Berg is Kollwitzplatz. Here is the famous water tower and one of the oldest synagogues in Berlin. What used to be a magnet for many artists and intellectuals has now also become a place for creativity and life, business and social life.

Savignyplatz ~ 7 700 € / m²

The residential area to the north of Kurfürsterdam is a dream for those who want the most comfortable life and are ready to exchange everything for the sake of a developed infrastructure, a well-equipped and conveniently located dwelling. However, it is not necessary to sacrifice anything (other than money) - from Savignyplatz close to the center of Berlin.

~ 7.500 € / m²

Victoria-Louise Platz is one of the most beautiful and sought-after residential areas of Schöneberg, and for good reason. Located within walking distance of the famous KaDeWe, the square is decorated with a beautiful fountain. Not only the offices of large companies and local industries, but also cozy restaurants, bars and trattorias gather around the square, which is good news for the modern Berliner.

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