Business support in Germany

For customers from Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe

                Business support in Germany

Our company is based in Berlin and offers consulting services as well as comprehensive business support. It will help you start a business and invest in a profitable business in Germany, without unnecessary intermediaries and additional costs.

Dominart Real Estate GmbH is a German company with 15 years of experience that focuses on the search and development of an optimal investment project, investment in high-yield commercial real estate and development projects.

All properties that we offer for private and institutional investors have been thoroughly tested and can safely be characterized as an investment product of institutional quality.

Upon request, our company can act as a guarantor for the role of investor and later as a management company.

We are currently dealing with the selection of promising development projects in Germany with the potential attraction of borrowed funds from German banks and invite private investors to participate in the selected projects.

For customers from Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe, we offer comprehensive support for business and investment projects in Germany and Austria.

Our company's specialists support you in setting up and developing your business in Germany:

- We help you determine the purpose of the investment
- We will choose a promising object
- Full support of the transaction

- We'll help you get a mortgage
- We'll take care of the property management
- Help with starting a business
- Registration in Berlin
- Assistance in opening a bank account

Our advantages:
Qualifications, professional experience, excellent market and legal knowledge, a network of reliable partners - these are our advantages that motivate customers to work with us.
We operate our consulting services according to high quality standards.

We have all the resources, experience and qualifications to solve any problems our customers pose to us.

Our customers are financial institutions and investment companies in Germany as well as companies and individuals from Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe and China.

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Business support in Germany
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