Business immigration to Germany

Business support and Business immigration to Germany. Advice and assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Germany by setting up a business.

How to start a company and your own business in Germany?

Business immigration to Germany: full-service company registration, support and business management in Germany.

We offer:

- search and analysis of investment projects

- real estate investments

- legal support

- project support and management

- anonymity of assets and beneficiaries

- tax advice

Our team is ready to provide you with the following services related to business immigration to Germany:

- turnkey company registration

- assistance in opening a bank account

- product certification

- business support assistance

- translation and interpreting services

- integration services

- assistance in choosing insurance services.

Dominartinvest Group will propose a strategy for selecting a successful investment, carry out legal registration, provide tax planning tools and keep your income confidential. We will review your documentation and financial situation, business documentation, and real estate valuation.

Selection of commercial properties, registration of the transaction by the investor with subsequent transfer of the real estate in the operational management of our company, which will provide you with a guaranteed rental income from the property.

a professional manager, which will ensure the profitability of your business.

expert in setting up and operating a business in Germany

As experts in building high-yield businesses in Germany, we recommend investors a guaranteed and secure source of high passive income when investing in the following strategic areas

- existing business from EUR 300,000

- commercial real estate from 500,000 Euro

- construction projects from 1,000,000 Euro

Get free expert consultation!

Submit an application and get answers to questions about the investment projects that interest you.

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