Virtual office in Berlin

Virtual office services

A virtual office in Berlin is a service that allows a company to have an address in Berlin and use it to register their business or organise some business meetings without having an actual presence in that city.

This option can be very useful for companies that are just starting their business and cannot afford to rent office space in Berlin, as well as for companies that already have an office in another city or country but want to expand their business opportunities.

A virtual office can offer the following services:

- A postal address in Berlin to which all mail is sent;

- Mail forwarding to another city or country;

- Virtual telephone or fax via the Internet;

- The possibility of using a conference or meeting room in Berlin.

Thanks to the virtual office, a company can significantly reduce the costs of office rent, equipment and communication. In addition, the availability of a postal address in a prestigious Berlin district can improve the company's image and build the trust of its customers.

It should be noted, however, that a virtual office is not suitable for all types of businesses, especially if a physical presence in Berlin is required. In such a case, it is better to rent an office or coworking space in the city.

Dominart Real Estate GmbH can help you with this: We offer virtual office services, inbound correspondence and inbound correspondence handling. In addition, our company handles property management in Berlin and throughout Germany, preparing documents for the tax advisor, finding new tenants for residential and commercial properties and handling all administrative issues. By concluding a contract with our company, you secure a reliable partner at your side. We look forward to working with you!


Virtual office in Berlin
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