Residence permit in Germany

Obtaining a residence permit in Germany

In Germany, any foreigner may obtain a permit to run a business/economic activity. This can also be used to obtain a residence permit.

There are the following basic requirements for running a business in Germany

the company must be of economic interest to the country or a specific region

the line of business selected must have a positive impact on the economy as a whole

the company must be financed with its own capital or with guarantees from lenders

In the current world situation, the appointment of a German citizen as the director of the company can be used as a guarantee of the company being opened and the residence permit being confirmed. However, the entrepreneur can freely and without limitation officially choose the managing director. We do advise you to appoint a German citizen as the company director, it is easier to obtain all necessary documents and to open accounts.

Previously, there were requirements for a minimum of five jobs and a minimum investment of €250,000. Currently, these parameters do not have strict limits, however, it will be better for an entrepreneur to ensure that the company employs at least 3 employees.

In each specific case business project will be considered separately, even territorial location of potential business has an impact. And accordingly the possibility of obtaining a residence permit.

We provide our clients with professional support in the establishment of a new company or the purchase of an existing one in Germany; we provide assistance and support in all phases of the establishment and implementation of a business and in obtaining a residence permit. It does not matter for us what nationality or citizenship you have. We are open for cooperation in all fields of realization of your investment interests.

Residence permit in Germany
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