Open or close a German bank account

German banks often close accounts to Russian clients without explanation.

If you have a problem with a German bank, e.g. your bank account has been closed and you need to open a new account with a German bank, we provide assistance in Germany.

- We find out the reason why your account was closed at a German bank.

- We provide a temporary alternative account.

- We help you to open a new account with a German bank.

- We notify your partners, management company, tenants.

You can ask questions in our chat room or send a message by post.

In recent years, cases of sudden account closures of Russian citizens in banks in Germany have increased.
Unfortunately, even Russians living in Europe are not immune to this - they have not been checked, have not paid their bank accounts on time... German banks have become more thorough in checking foreigners who do not have permanent residence permits and do not work or earn money in Germany.

Closing an account can be caused by many factors, working conditions for banks are getting noticeably tougher and new regulations are being introduced all the time. Even small things can lead to closure, the most common ones are:

- Failure to provide documents or information on time.
- Communication difficulties due to language barriers.
- Suspicious transactions that require explanation
- Incorrect account model
- Schufa record
- Incorrect postal address that does not correspond to the customer's actual domicile
Sometimes closing of an account can still be avoided by contacting your bank's advisor in time, submitting a report and clarifying any questions. In some cases a personal meeting may be necessary.

Every customer case is handled individually, but we already have successful experience of negotiations to stop the account closure process for our clients in Germany.

If your case is already irreversible, it is urgent to proceed with the opening of a new account or use a trust account service.

Our company Dominart Real Estate GmbH has been involved in asset management for more than 10 years:

- Assistance in opening a new account with a German bank.

- Property trust service.

- Annual report for the tax authorities.

- We manage development projects.

We will be happy to discuss your case in CHAT or by email.

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