City districts for investment in Berlin

City districts for investment in Berlin

City districts for investment in Berlin. 

Despite being the capital, Berlin is still a relatively budget-priced city in Germany. For an investment, it is a great option!

However, the special features of the city must be taken into account. Central areas are in high demand, but prices are relatively high too. But the good news is that in Berlin it is possible not to be tied to popular streets such as Kurfürstendamm or Friedrichstraße, but to choose another area that is promising in terms of potential development.

Three excellent districts with a still pleasant price for investment:

1. Adlershof - this district is going to be developed as a silicon valley and is ahead of the rest in terms of research centres, institutes and scientific laboratories. What's more, the new airport, which is set to become Germany's third major transport hub, is very close. And the Tesla Gigafactory is only 35 minutes away!

2. Lichtenberg - the first association is with Soviet buildings. But if you go there now and look - excellent connections to all parts of the city, underground and loop underground lines, lots of parks and already trendy cafes and restaurants (the first indicator of district development). The architecture is mixed, there are some panel buildings, but there are also beautiful European blocks.

3. Tegel - potentially very promising, the next 5 years are guaranteed to increase in value. Tegel airport is already closed, quality of life has improved. Excellent connection to the centre via underground and surface underground and city autobahn. Picturesque parks and nature reserves, beautiful lakes and places to play sports and spend time with children complete the list of benefits. Most importantly, there are plans to redevelop the airport into a giant science campus. This means that there will be even more students, researchers and start-ups from all over Europe. Accordingly, rental accommodation will be in high demand.

As a recommendation from our company: If you see new buildings or good old stock in these areas, you should definitely consider buying, of course calculating the potential income beforehand.

Our company provides services in selecting the desired property and accompanying at all stages of the purchase of residential or commercial premises. With us you will be able to invest your capital as advantageously as possible, thanks to an individual approach to each client!

City districts for investment in Berlin
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