Cleaning service in Berlin

Janitorial cleaning services in Berlin, building maintenance and commercial cleaning in Berlin. We offer efficient outsourcing of building maintenance in Berlin.


Our company offers the full range of private and commercial property maintenance services in Germany. This can be comprehensive or individual maintenance, repair, cleaning.

We offer the best service at reasonable prices!

Cleaning services-Home Master Maintenance Services-Electrician-Plumber

We clean 24/7, weekdays and weekends.

We guarantee quality and safety

We choose our staff carefully

We use our own cleaning products

Professional staff of more than 20 employees

Monthly cleaning areas of approx.10.000 square meters

We have been managing and servicing buildings for over 15 years

Cleaning services from 0.33 euros per m2


Electrical systems

Ventilation systems

Boilers and heating systems

Sanitary engineering and technical services

Repairs and related work

Building maintenance


Comprehensive and complete cleaning services

Waste collection and transport

Winter service

Window and facade cleaning

Sanding, polishing and sealing of parquet flooring

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