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If you are looking for an apartment in Berlin, this article will help you determine the area to choose an apartment or house.

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Berlin is in constant motion, changing every day, just like its districts and population.

Berlin consists of 12 districts, rental housing in each of which is associated with different socio-cultural and economic characteristics. Rent in different areas will differ in cost.

1) Mitte has the most central position, and most of the government institutions are located in this area. Also, most of the cultural attractions are concentrated here (These include the famous Unter den Linden, Brandenburg Gate, Tiergarten, Alexander Platz and others).

2) Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (From the shore of the Spree to the Frankfurt Alley). It is often called the Berlin of the 90s. Here the heritage of Soviet architecture in Berlin is presented in all its beauty. All the houses from the Frankfurter Thor metro stop are architectural monuments. Especially famous in the area is the Oberbaum Bridge and the East Side Gallery.

3) Neukölln or the region of opposites. This area will appeal to those who love surprises and diversity. In the area there are several Turkish markets, Arabian sweets kiosks, restaurants and cafes with attractive prices from various parts of the world, as well as trendy bars for young people.

4) Tempelhof-Schöneberg. Part of the Schöneberg district is called provincial because of the unhurried nature of life that its people lead, it seems that everyone here knows each other, and time flows more slowly than in other districts. In the area of ​​Tempelhof is not so long ago, a closed airport, where they now organize various city festivals, and residents have chosen an open field for picnics with friends, family and colleagues.

5) Treptow-Köpenick is another very calm district of Berlin. Here you can forget that you are in the city and feel like a resident of a small European town. In Treptover Park there are several Soviet monuments, and the park itself is a place of attraction for residents of the area. In Treptow, you can relax on the banks of the Spree or rent a boat for a trip along the main river of the capital of Germany.

6) Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. This area - the long tradition of Berlin. There are well-preserved old aristocratic houses with high ceilings, large windows, and stucco on the facades that are lined with marble. Wide streets, expensive boutiques. Charlottenburg is also rich in cultural heritage: Savigny Square, Kurfürstendamm, Charlottenburg Palace.

7) Pankov - until 1920 was an independent suburb of the city of Berlin, later it was joined to it. Very quiet and beautiful area, which grew out of the village of Slavic settlers of the 14th century. Here is the largest synagogue in Germany on the Rykenshtrasse.

8) Spandau - also previously was an independent city. Here is the ancient citadel (twelve-sided fortress with 4 bastions and a tower - a sample of the ideal military city of the 16th century). There are many wonderful parks and several lakes.

9) Steglitz-Zelllendorf is a very prestigious district in Berlin. There are many beautiful villas, mansions, beautiful forest. The best Berlin beach on Große Wannsee is in Zelllendorf. In this area is the old, recreated by archiologists, the German village of Dahlem.

10) Marzahn-Hellersdorf and Lichtenberg. Sleeping areas of Berlin. Here you can meet many neighbors from the CIS countries. In these areas, housing can be found faster than in other areas, as well as at more affordable prices.

11) Reinickendorf is a district on the outskirts, close to Tegel Airport. Also, other interesting places in the area are the park and the Tegel Palace, the Tegel Port, the cultural center. This is a dihedral area - on the one hand, there are several industrial enterprises, on the other, here you can also find many parks and lakes, where Berliners like to relax.

Being the capital of Germany, Berlin offers many opportunities for spending time, has a very peculiar cultural diversity. Many people who have moved to Berlin notice their attachment to him precisely in view of his versatility.

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Rent apartments in Berlin
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