New Build Project on Berlin's Allee in Berlin combines functionality and flair

The Berliner Allee stands as one of the main thoroughfares in the Weißensee district of Berlin and is part of the Bundesstraße 2. This generously laid-out boulevard has existed since the Middle Ages, serving as a vital trade route between Berlin and the Northeast.

Presented by Dominart Real Estate GmbH, an architecturally sophisticated new construction project is currently underway at Berliner Allee 94, seamlessly blending modern design with the neighborhood's charm.

This multifunctional ensemble includes new micro apartments, townhouses, and comercial units

Micro apartmentsExklusive townhousesAttractive commercial spaces
  • 50 bright condominiums;
  • Sizes ranging from 17-32 m²
  • 1-3 rooms
  • Open floor plans
  • High-quality finishes
  • Balconies and terraces
  • 8 Townhouses;
  • Living spaces from 73-138 m²
  • 3-6 rooms
  • Terraces and gardens
  • 2-3 floors
  • 2-4 bathrooms
  • 33 and 61 m² respectively
  • Ideal for a medical practice, bakery, hair salon, etc.

Comfort and Modernity:

  1. Both the condominiums and townhouses impress with meticulously planned layouts, creating a modern, loft-like living experience where cooking, living, and sleeping seamlessly merge. 
  2. Oak parquet flooring, exposed concrete, and smooth plastered walls provide a contemporary yet cozy aesthetic. Floor-to-ceiling windows and soundproof glazing ensure brightness and tranquility.
  3. The bathrooms are transformed into private wellness retreats, featuring walk-in showers, branded fittings, and high-quality ceramics.

The project is conveniently located in the heart of Weißensee, between Weißen See and Antonplatz, offering both accessibility and tranquility. Weißen See Park, with its walking paths and cafés, is just minutes away.

The ensemble is scheduled for completion by 2024. Prospective buyers can now register their interest for these high-quality condominiums and townhouses.

Are you interested in this exciting new construction project and want to learn more? Please leave your inquiry via the contact form on the website or call the following number: +49 (30) 516 417 63 .

For more details, please visit the project page:

Apartments at Berliner Allee 94

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