Buy a castle in Europe

Castles and palaces in Europe are much more than it seems.

Who and why buys castles, palaces and old mansions in Europe? Despite the seemingly obvious answer, it’s not only people seeking to highlight their status or invest a dozen or so "free" millions of euros in real estate.

Old buildings are usually bought by those who want to join the history of any country or region of Europe, and sometimes such buildings even need attention, reconstruction and maintenance. And this is not always colossi like Johannesburg - even today you can find options from 300,000 euros. Small palaces are bought by those who want to bring something unique to their life, diversify their experience, or even invest in real estate - the benefit of the value of historic buildings only grows with time.

Over the years of work in the real estate market in Europe, we have established contacts with investors and large owners of exclusive real estate (which are castles). Here you will find numerous castles, manors and palaces sold throughout Europe: in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy.

Some of our brokers have extensive experience with exclusive real estate, including castles in Europe. They will be happy to help you navigate in this market segment and find a great option for living or commercial use. Since most offers to sell castles and palaces are of a discrete (delicate) nature and are not published publicly, real estate agencies share this information upon request.

Write to us in the chat or send your suggestions and questions to, and we will share with you the latest information about the exclusive real estate market.

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Buy a castle in Europe
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9 000 000€

Адрес: Località Castello dell'Aquila 1, 54013 Gragnola, Apuanische Alpen, Italy
  • Number of rooms: 12