Real estate management in Germany

Stable and high passive income from the rental of real estate is directly dependent on competent management. Quick solution of emerging problems and timely maintenance of real estate is the task of management companies.
Real estate management in Germany

Real estate management in Germany

Dominart Real Estate GmbH is the management company in Germany and provides a full range of services of trust management of property from small apartments or houses to multifamily apartment houses, commercial objects.

We offer a broader service designed for foreign investors, including those not living in Germany, speak your language, provide services accountant (tax consultant), if necessary, help you contact a notary or a lawyer.

Trust management of an apartment in Germany is a whole range of services: 

1. Connecting electricity, telephone, Internet 

2. Conducting correspondence with the tenant, house management, public utilities and authorities 

3. Calculation of rent 

4. Maintaining a bank account, making all necessary payments, monitoring the monthly payments of rent to the owner 

5. Providing an annual report on the movement of funds in the account

6. Contact with the tenant (rent increase, forwarding payment reminders, accepting complaints, etc.)

7. Mail reception services

8. Organization of repair work (separate payment)

9. Regular monitoring of the state of the object

The cost of trust management services 25 euros per month + VAT. If the apartment is not rented and will not be rented, the cost of services will be only 17 euros per month!

House Management in Germany

1. Full technical and economic management of profitable (apartment) houses.

2. Management of residential buildings: work with tenants and owners, search for new tenants, conclusion of lease agreements, with utility services, provision of utility services to the house and control of their timely payment

3. Maintenance of the housing stock, including current repairs, maintenance of utilities and minor repairs of buildings and apartments.

4. Accounting and asset management of residents and owners.

You want to know the cost of managing your object: just send us the parameters of the house, the address, the number of apartments and within 24 hours we will contact you with an individual price offer.

Commercial Property Management in Germany

In the field of commercial property management, we offer you the same range of services, but taking into account the features associated with commercial real estate. These are, for example, the solution of questions on the terms and termination of lease agreements, indexation and rent increase in order to maximize the profitability of the object, the collateral amount of rent of commercial premises and other individual criteria.

Do you need additional information or have any questions? Contact us, we are always available and happy to help you. Leave the application on the site or simply write to our chat, and we will respond to you within a minute, with pleasure providing any necessary information. You can also email us at or call + 49 (30) 516 417 63.

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