Real estate in Bali

Real estate in Bali - Rapid economic growth and active development make Bali an attractive destination for foreign investors. Investing in real estate on the island can provide high returns now, and even higher returns in the future. We are happy to tell you more about the prospects, advantages and disadvantages of investing in Bali.

The main advantages are the excellent returns, compared to other countries. 10-15% percent per annum, with a stable growth of real estate at 15-20% per year. The occupancy rate is 70 - 85%. Purchased real estate thus pays for itself in 5-7 years. The cost of housing is also an advantage for potential owners - a stunning villa in a chic location can be purchased for 250 - 350 thousand dollars.

Features of the ownership of real estate in Bali - foreigners here formalize it in a long-term lease, but are not owners of the land. And there is also a difference when registering an apartment for independent living or for rent. Apartments or houses are purchased without mortgage financing. It is also very important to know proven developers and companies, cooperation with which will bring only positive experience. It is necessary to consult a lawyer, who will help to look in detail and evaluate the package of documents provided by the developer of the building.

The owner rents out the apartment or house through a management company, not by himself. And of course, as in any other country in the world is very important: location, location and once again location. The acquisition of an excellent object, but in a remote location, may lead to a lack of demand for this property. It is also important to support the management company in the care of the territory of the residential complex, timely elimination of problems in order to avoid high repair costs in the future.

So, Bali now
- this is a great opportunity to turn investments into a stable passive income, without fear for the reliability of investments.

A few areas in Bali we highlight separately are Berawa, Sanur and Seminyak.

Berawa is a beautiful area in Bali that is becoming increasingly popular with tourists and investors. It is a great place to buy real estate due to its beautiful beach, a variety of cafes and restaurants, and proximity to popular attractions. The development of tourism in the area makes it an attractive place to invest in and rent out an apartment.

Sanur - differs from other neighborhoods in its quieter and more measured character. Here you can also engage in water sports such as surfing or diving, as well as stroll along the picturesque promenades.

What sets Seminyak
apart is that this resort offers a more fashionable and stylish experience.
Here you can find luxury villas, trendy boutiques and haute cuisine restaurants. Seminyak also has ample shopping and entertainment venues. Unlike Berawa and Sanur, Seminyak is often preferred by a younger audience looking for a modern and stylish experience.

Our company will gladly help you to understand the issues of purchasing real estate, the peculiarities of districts and the target audience in them, the peculiarities of registration of real estate for further renting or own use.

With us you will get only the best offers from proven developers in Bali and will be able to get a great object with maximum profitability! We will be glad to cooperate with you and the opportunity to open for you investment opportunities in the paradise part of the Indonesian Archipelago.

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