Construction supervision in Berlin

Do you want to implement a project for the construction of a new building in Germany? Dominart Investment Group is always at your service.

Our company offers a full range of services in the field of construction, reconstruction, redevelopment of residential and commercial buildings. We provide support in the preparation and approval of permits with regulatory authorities at each stage of construction and repair work.

We have a flexible pricing policy, work only with proven and reliable contractors who use high-quality and environmentally friendly materials and are in constant contact with our customers.

Contact us and together we will develop and build a project for a residential, commercial or business facility from scratch.


  • The first free consultation on your task
  • Project cost estimation
  • Proposal on the scope and optimal timing of our work
  • We make a recommendation on the scheme of organization of construction and draw up a project of the object


  1. Determination of the goals and objectives of the future building: number of floors, area and main technical
  2. We select a place for a construction project by conducting geodetic works, analyzing soil features and calculating the volume of the foundation
  3. We create a building project, including sketches of the object and related legal documentation
  4. We choose contractors among the best construction companies in Germany, depending on the specifics of the project
  5. We fully control the construction or repair process, making the project transparent to the customer
  6. We are putting the object into operation
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