Замечательная вилла в Австрии


Описание объекта

May we present to you a fabulous mansion, located in the small town Браунау-на-Инне, on the border to Germany.Some of the property features include:- 17 meters long открытый saltwater pool with thermal cover, heated all year, подводная иллюминация, outdoor shower and fireplace by the pool.- Mediterranean atmosphere.- Water supply occurs by a private well.- Ground water treatment.- Gastronomical brand kitchen with equipment and a crusher.- Additional outdoor kitchen.- Мультимедиа music system (indoors and outdoors).- Panoramic fireplace inside.- The walls in the bathroom are made from таделакт.- Automatic irrigation for the plant area.- An office with a индивидуальный entrance.- Гараж 3 for cars and 4 outdoor parking spaces.- Газ floor heating.- Electric pigeon deterrent.- Прочный galvanized roof.- Сигнализация throughout the entire house.- Terrace with stunning views of the garden and pool.- Winter garden Generous with access to the pool.- Сауна with a light shower, steam сауна, and infrared light.Not far away from the villa is the town of Salzburg, the largest and golf centre Europe в городе Бад-Грисбах.Our company is ready to assist you in obtaining a loan of up to 60% of the total.Please contact us, to clarify any questions or to receive further information.


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