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Surface preparation: speed: 9,49 m2Küche Live: 31,41 m2Abstellraum: 2,31 m2Schlafen 1: 13,31 m2Bad 1: 4,90 m2Bad 2: 6,30 m2Schlafen 2: 11,27 m2Schlafen 3: 15,30 m2 net living area: 94,31m2 accessories:cellar 2: 14,89 m2Terrasse: 25,72 m2Garten: 142,65 m2 apartment house hochkönig view LOCATION & ANREISEVon Salzburg / Munich, take the exit on the Tauern motorway (A10) to Werfen, through Imlau to Werfenweng (6 km)From Villach: take the motorway onthe motorway(A10) Tauern Pfarrwerfen / Werfen, Werfenweng (4 km)ARRIVAL by Plane with the plane you're quickly in unsDerFlughafen Salzburg is only about 45 km away downhill. From there, you come up withyou train to us. Who wants to see something more of the country, can expect to arrive vomflughafen Linz and then about 180 km to the beautiful scenery in front,until he is on target in Werfenweng. International guests can also land amFlughafen Vienna Schwechat (approximately 330 km) and from there the train to arrive. Salzburg W. A. Mozart airport, The largest regional airport in Austria is located in the heart of the Alpine Republic, close to dessalzburger city centre. Due to the good connection to the public transport network and highway access alzburg Airport is particularly easy to reach.He is also areas the perfect starting point for onward travel to the surrounding summer - undWinter recovery. There are plenty of transfer services,the Siedirekt from Salzburg Airport to your destination. Short distances,competent undrasche clearance as well as a good infrastructure mitgas tronomie, Shops,car rental etc. guarantee a pleasant - undAbreise.Summer leisure time tips for families and Kids area is one of the most diverse Hiking destinations at all, 1400 kilometers to the best of signposted trails of all difficulty levels three levels of Sunny valley floor all the way up to the rugged, solitary peaks of numerous three-thousand metre mountains.Werfenweng is the ideal holiday destination for families with children is in the summer. Numerous recreational activities from swimming in the lake,Playground at the summit, a children's birthday at the horse farm, to adventures available in the area provide a varied and exciting family activities on offer.Close-to-nature bathing in the crystal clear mountain lake when the nature is in movement, then the body, mind and soul regenerate. Experience the fascination of the mountains, clear water, rushing streams,clean lakes,flowering meadows, and the cheerful chirping of the birds. LebenSie with nature and the landscape, and you will feel how good "the holiday" does in Werfenweng. So why wait when the Good is so close? Fun imklaren water that comes directly from the mountains. With a beautiful lawn for sunbathing and the Restaurant deck.WERFENWENG – THE GIPFELDES winter Werfenweng has everything winter sports fans dream of:Top of ski slopes, children's ski world, Jam Park,cozy, rustic mountain huts restaurantsund! In addition, Werfenweng is easy to reach - about dieTauernautobahn only 30 minutes from the city of Salzburg.The mountain Railways continue to invest in denAusbaudes ski area. Since the 2011/12 winter season, a new lift system is denGästen available: 4-seat chair-lift"Strussing",which is the old 2's, and 1 sets on the bischling height. The ski Lift has a transport capacity of 2,400 Personenpro hour, a length of 772 m and the direct proximity to the mountain restaurants (at entry and exit point).Werfenweng lovely situated and idyllically situated on an Alpine plateau, Werfenweng is the place of pure relaxation.ObWintersport, Hiking or Paragliding, here you can take a vacation from your Car,so environmentally friendly travel and still remain mobile.FürBahnurlauberideal accessible, we can organise accommodation of your free train station transfer to their. We ensure that Sierundum remain mobile and independent: samo-guests will enjoy many free offers. More than 100 vehicles vomDreirad to electric-car and a variety of leisure activities. In winter, create snow-Shoe hikes, sleigh rides or Lama-Trekking unique vacation experiences for Big and Small. The valley station of the Werfenweng mountain railway is located approx 250m from the apartments.


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