The valuation of Real Estate in Germany

The valuation of Real Estate in Germany
Valuation of property for mortgage in Germany, the valuation of the property for sale or partition of property.When assessing the value of the object, we take into account all factors affecting the cost - these are the individual characteristics of a particular object, location, condition, market and mortgage value.

We offer you to use the services of our company for an independent evaluation of your object - just send us the address of the object, and the size of the plot, living space and We will send you a preliminary estimate, namely how much sold the house, hotel or apartment in this house.

Look at the price changes and how long the object was sold. This service is free of charge for property owners or investors. We will be glad to offer you other services of our company:
- Trust management of real estate
- Repair of any complexity
- Urgent sale of the object Leave your request and we will contact you within 24 hours
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