The valuation of Real Estate in Germany

An important element of any real estate transaction is an objective calculation of its value.
The valuation of Real Estate in Germany
We carry out a professional independent assessment of residential and commercial real estate in Germany: houses, apartments, profitable apartment buildings, hotels, shops, restaurants, land, etc.

The result of real estate appraisal is used to calculate a mortgage in Germany, when selling, buying a property or exchanging. When assessing the value of the object, all factors affecting the cost are taken into account - these are the individual characteristics of a particular object, its location, condition, market and mortgage value, characteristics of the area, and price forecasts.

This service is free for property owners or investors.

Just send us the address of the object, the size of the plot, the size of the residential or used area, and we will send you a preliminary estimate, namely: how many apartments were sold in your house, or objects similar to yours. You will be able to take a look at the changes in the price and duration of the sale. If necessary, we will provide you with an expert assessment, which you can rely on when bidding and any other real estate transactions.

Just leave your request on our website or write to our chat, and we will respond to you within a minute by accepting your order for execution and providing any additional information. You can also email us at or call + 49 (30) 516 417 63.
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