New building projects Grunewald Berlin

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New building projects Grunewald Berlin

Berlin-Grunewald is an area of ​​old villas and mansions, which are surrounded by large green areas. There are few projects of new buildings here, but each of them is a real work of design and architectural art. This area has historically been the residence of the richest and most influential people of the capital, which is relevant to this day.

In 1880, the Prussian state, with the personal intervention of Chancellor Otto von Bismarck sold 234 hectares of forest Grünewald to banking syndicate, which was planning the construction of a residential area after the example of the colonial villas Alzen and Lichterfeld, later the area was called "colony of millionaires Grünewald" , In the context of this project the roads Kurfürstendamm and Bismarckplatz were laid. Through numerous dams at the brook developed a system of picturesque lakes and thus developed in the westernmost part of the city a green, elegant and respectable residential area - Grünewald villas colony. Instead of partially destroyed villas during the Second World War, not only new villas were built in the post-war period, but also multi-family houses. So far, Grünewald remains the most expensive district in the "arc" of Berlin mansions, which extends in the southwest of the city from the villa colony Lichterfelde West in the south, over Dahlem and Grunewald to Westend and Potsdam.  Buying a new development in this area can only be a profitable investment.

The acquisition of new buildings in the area will be a very profitable investment.

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