Restaurants for sale and for lease in Berlin

Restaurant business in Germany is still far from its climax. This means that you have every chance to take a good place in it and develop your own business. And with our support, the likelihood of success increases significantly.

Dominart Invest will help you find premises for a restaurant in Berlin, properly develop the concept of the establishment, competently implement its design, coordinate all production processes and select personnel.

We offer a wide range of offers for the sale of restaurants, cafes and premises for them in Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Hamburg and other cities of Germany and Austria.

In addition, we successfully provide services for the management of commercial real estate, including restaurants.

More than 10 years on the European real estate market we:

— We conclude transactions of sale and purchase of residential and commercial real estate of all types
— We accumulate a client base, a catalog of objects and relations with investors and developers
— We are engaged in an expert assessment of the profitability of commercial real estate
— We work with medium-sized businesses: we launch and support startups, provide legal and accounting assistance
— We manage commercial real estate
— We open a company (GmbH) and arrange legal entities for foreign investors

For example, to open a restaurant in Germany, in addition to acquiring relevant real estate and opening a legal entity, you need to provide the following documents:

1. ID card or passport
2. Certificate of no criminal record.
3. Providing information from the Central Trade Registry.
4. Certificate from the tax office;
5. The lease agreement for placement under the opening of the restaurant;
6. Certificate of membership in a trade association
7. Certificate of training for the health and hygiene of employees

This whole process is quite laborious and complex, especially for foreign investors who are not so closely acquainted with German laws and the real estate market. In this regard, the majority of investors and restaurateurs turn to the services of real estate agencies that ensure the smooth acquisition and arrangement of premises.

We are always ready to render you our services at any stage of creating or acquiring a restaurant or cafe, whether it is searching or repairing premises, developing a concept, recruiting staff, or conducting a preliminary study of the restaurant business in Germany in search of the optimal strategy.

Contact us by phone + 49 (30) 516 417 63, by mail or chat on our website. We will be glad to cooperate!

Restaurants for sale and for lease in Berlin