Property in Germany selling

Property in Germany selling

Property in Germany selling

You want a discreet placement of your property? Are you the owner of a property and want to sell this discreet and non-public marketing opportunities?

We are committed to the utmost discretion and confidentiality in the sale of your property. You will receive a professional Service and qualified advice.

On request, no public object is to be held the presentation of your property via media such as Newspapers or the Internet, but only through personal contacts with our direct customers from Russia and China. 

Property selling with discreet marketing

We sell your real estate quickly, discreetly, without publication and without advertising. In our customer list we currently have many registered buyers and search clients who have specifically entrusted us with the search of your dream property.

Your property is fit only visible to buyers with the search criteria to your property. If you need further information or have specific questions? We are always at your disposal.

Yours Sincerely, Sergey Vachnenko

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10 000 - 10 000 000
50 - 900 m2
Hotel in old town Spandau

€1 880 000

Hotel in old town Spandau

Moritzstraße 20, Berlin, Germany
  • 470 m2

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