How much is an apartment in Berlin

How much is an apartment in Berlin

How much is an apartment in Berlin

How much does an apartment in Berlin cost? Forecast 2020 Advantages of buying an apartment in the capital of Germany * Berlin is a fast-growing city with a well-developed infrastructure * Berlin has attractive housing and real estate prices. • The growth rate of property values in the German capital is one of the highest in the world * Low mortgage interest rates in Germany and high demand for rental housing.

Berlin is an ideal place for investment. On the one hand, this is facilitated by political stability, economic growth and legal protection. On the other - dynamically growing prices that make investments profitable. Real estate market analysis Buying a home in the capital of Germany is a profitable investment. Property prices in the German capital are the lowest compared to other major cities in the country (for example, they are 2 times lower than in Munich).

The housing and real estate market in Berlin is booming. Annual price growth is driven by high demand for rental housing. Foreign investors are also showing strong interest in German real estate. For example, buyers from Asian countries led the market in terms of incoming investments in commercial real estate in Germany. The choice of district Before buying a property in Berlin, you need to choose the area.

Berlin is the capital of Germany and one of the 16 Federal States of Germany. The city is administratively subdivided into 12 administrative districts, such as Mitte, Reinikendorf, Neuköln and others. When choosing an area, it is necessary to take into account its Central or peripheral position, which will naturally affect the prices of real estate. Real estate market analysis based on site data sampling Website offers the following data on the dynamics of price growth in Berlin. The average price for apartments in 2019 was 3717,00 € / m2. Price growth for 3 years amounted to about 58 %. The top of the main districts of Berlin:

After the stage selection is passed, it is important to pay attention to the location of the house in which you purchase flat, floor, number of rooms, year of construction and other interesting options.
Our company can arrange for you to view the apartments for a few days. During this time, we will organize a visit to those objects that were interesting for You.

As you can see in the table of the dynamics of the growth of prices for apartments in the most attractive areas of Berlin for investment, the growth of real estate prices can bring you a good income. According to experts, such dynamics will continue in the next 2020.

If you have made your choice, we will accompany you at all subsequent stages before and after signing the contract at the notary. We will take care of the preparation of the contract and ensure the passage of all necessary legal procedures for the acquisition of real estate in Berlin.

After signing the contract of sale, we will accompany Your transaction, help with the organization of payment of taxes and fees, will monitor the fulfillment of the obligations of the seller and the final transfer of ownership. If your apartment is rented at the time of purchase, our company can provide you with rental management services.


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How much is an apartment in Berlin

How much is an apartment in Berlin

  • 14 November 2019
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