Apartment repairs in Berlin

Renovation and repair of residential and commercial property in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Dominart Investment Group performs a full range of work on repairs and renovations on all levels of complexity. Specific services includes:

Major and cosmetic repairs of turnkey apartments

Preparation of the ceiling and walls: cleaning from the old trim, priming, puttying, installation of plinth, painting or wallpapering. Major repairs - is an opportunity to fix dilapidated walls, floor, ceiling, plumbing, utilities and redevelopment.

Store and boutique design and renovation in Berlin

We plan the space of the store, allocating men's, women's, children's and other zones. Each zone is worked through conceptually by design. We work out wiring, lighting, showcases, etc.

Design and repair of restaurant and cafe in Berlin

The restaurant or cafe should focus on its customers. We take into account the age group of the guests, their status and marital status.

Design and renovation of a hotel or hostel in Berlin and Brandenburg

We design reception, design rooms, lobbies, halls, recreation areas. The designer selects the interior, accessories and offers the choices to the client.

Why should you choose our company:
- we always focus on the budget of each client
- we selection only high quality materials
- we work directly without intermediaries, offering our customers more favorable conditions
- we are available 24 hours and always ready to help and advise
- only trusted craftsmen work for us
- full cycle control

Repair professionals with experience will perform the following types of work:
- installation and assembly of furniture
- wiring and plumbing replacement
- wall and ceiling alignment
- ceramic tile laying
- painting work
- parquet and laminate flooring
- implementation of any complex design solutions
- furniture delivery and assembly
- cleaning and garbage removal

We calculate and agree with you on the cost of materials and repairs, and only then sign a contract. Payment could be performed in stages.

Contact us by email or write us in the chat and find out the cost of your repairs right now!
Apartment repairs in Berlin