Building land in CAMPIONE on lake Lugano


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  • Via Totone 141-142, 22060, Campione, Provincia di Como, Campione, Switzerland
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Object Description

Description of the building plot is situated in Campione, Provincia di Como. It is not cleaned and full of trees. The  half, so 1'750m2 can be built on. Free View on the lake of Lugano from Melide to Lugano. It is sold with the AG(Aktiengesellschaft). position in Mainland'italia (short Campione) is a Swiss Canton Ticino surrounded Italian exclave 2074 inhabitants (Stand: 31. Dezember2013). It is separated from the Rest of Italy by the lake Lugano, settlements (Bissone, Caprino) and mountains (Sighignola) on Swiss territory. Campione is located on the Eastern shore of lake Lugano. Campione is economically well integrated in Switzerland, uses the Swiss franc as the main currency and benefit from special arrangements for Italians on Swiss territory. 


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