Hotel in the Lusatian lakes area


Object Description

We offer a well-maintained hotel complex in the Lusatian Lake District as an investment facility. The hotel was built in 1994 and is located on a 13,000 m² plot, 6,000 m² of which are building land. Can also be used as a private retirement home, rehabilitation clinic, etc. or as living space.
In the hotel complex there are 27 double rooms with good facilities on 3 floors. All apartments have a shower room, flat screen TV, CV floors, allergy-free and satellite system.
The rooms or the hotel is equipped with computer cabling, DSL connection, tiled floor, laminate, plastic windows. A hotel restaurant with about 45 seats offers a cozy atmosphere. There is also a conference room, which can accommodate 70 people. The outdoor area has a barbecue area with beer pavilion for 60 seats and lavagasgrill. The existing beer pavilion allows the operation of festivities on the park grounds. A roof terrace is available. The hotel is fully equipped with kitchen, cold storage, seating, linens, china and all equipment.
The hotel offers 58 parking spaces for cars, buses, and RVs. The property can also be used to shelter motorhomes and boats. For bicycle tourism, an additional shelter is available. Overall, the hotel is in a very good condition (renovated, renovated, standard)

The property belongs since 2001 to a hotel group, it was operated in high standard. There is an appraisal report for 2008 of the hotel, where the market value is given as 4,760,000.00 DM = 2,433,750.00 Euro. Ongoing investments to maintain value are made.


Hotel facility in the newly created Lusatian Lakeland, 25 km to the Spreewald, and about 5 km to the Baltic Sea Cottbus.On the Lusatian Seeland is a wonderful unique landscape to discover. Lakes with attractive and partly unspoilt beaches provide a relaxing stay and fun for the whole family. Besides you can experience the history of the Lusatian industrial culture. There are numerous museums to visit, such as the Lusatian mining museum - energy factory Knappenrode. There you feel transported back to the Wilhelminian era and experience the whole industrial culture up close. Well-maintained hotel complex in the Lusatian Lake District as an investment facilityThe complex has recently been closed for reasons of age, but continues to be well maintained.


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