The commercial part of the shop floor


Object Description

P { margin-bottom: 0.21 cm; }EC: Next to petrol station with a Shop, are freely divisible sale/commercial space and customer/visitor Parking. For a sports business, einFriseursalon and shipyard 22.UG: - Free divisible warehouse/commercial space. There is a garage and a sub-divisible, naturally lit commercial area, which is currently rented to shipyard 22 and Probst Treuhand is located there.OG: In Possession of a pension Fund, the upper floors, where multi-storey apartment types are located,which accessible by Lift and stairs separately and a Laubeneigang.The delivery is carried out via the main entrance and is the whole day possible. The interior design is done by the tenant.The loading surfaces are freely divisible. The structural analysis is based on a grid design . The entire longitudinal side has a storefront entrances.The completion of the building  on the 1.August 2007. The building is in very good condition.Swiss economic region around Zurich, which extends from the Schaffhausen train from Wettingen/Baden to Rapperswil, populated by 2.5 million inhabitants. Due to the Central development of the city of Baden and the quick accessibility to the national roads, the Intercity rail network as well as the Kloten airport can be assumed to be above-average growth potential. The tax point under average load of legal and natural persons, the above-average training in the Baden Region as well as the high purchasing power of the population on a growth of the value added.The object is located on one of the busiest access roads from and to the city of Baden and directly via the motorway exit Baden-West, is accessible. The inhabitants of the surrounding municipalities to make use of this access road in the city. Parking for the retail spaces are located directly in front of the shop floor.Example photo!!!


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