"Wine and Agriculture!" in Austria


Object Description

In the district of Mistelbach, around 55 km from the Vienna city border, is a farming operation for sale. After the completion of A 5, which is provided for the year 2017, it will reach you in about 45 minutes to the city centre of Vienna. The main source of income is the wine. A total of 41 ha, here white wines are grown. The main variety is Chardonnay, followed by Green Veltliner, Welschriesling and Rhine Riesling. For years, the grapes are delivered to a major customer and higher prices for Grapes than usual in the market.Agriculture is practised on 80 ha. Mainly wheat and spelt and alfalfa to the soil to be cultivated recovery..It is two separate establishments that are managed together.Part of the purchase price, the operating area with multiple halls, a fully equipped workshop, all the machines and devices for the management.A neighboring house may be purchased separately. Furthermore, the possibility of co-leaseholder of the cooperative, you may be to be hunting.At the request of the previous owner is still standing for years against the appropriate salary as a managing Director.


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