Supermarket three-in-one with a very attractive price!


Object Description

Supermarket– lease to 10/2023 + optional extension of 2 times 3 years,games room(originally 3 store)– lease agreement with the 2012 annual renewal– a temporary buffer at the termination of the lease is 6 months to the end of the yearthe liquor store– at the moment is empty, without the owner's countryRental income:supermarket 950 sqm 57.000 Eurogame room 190 sq. m. € 18.012 the liquor store 373 sqm - currently vacant-----------------------------------------------------------------Total real income 75.012 EuroPossible income 97.380 euros (liquor store)Location.The Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region, 25 km from Rostock city (population 207.513)


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