Schwerin commercial real estate


Object Description

Main features:Sales price€900,000The price per square 316,12€Area of 2847 sq.Address in Germany, Mecklenburg - VorpommernLocated in the big cityResale(year built: 1984) Description:The object is Schwerin(Mecklenburg - Vorpommern the Mall. The building was built in 1984 year, the walls and roof are made of monolithic concrete(DDR)made. 1992 year, the first renovation to the 2010 Year - for the second time so that all communication systems completely modernized. Existing Fire and building codes of the last reorganization in the 2013 - 2014 year 2014 Year 9 the end of the month. Have installed Windows, doors, fire valve, fire alarm system and fire doors complete alternatives. The latest fire test is 2016 year. Land area - 3 668 square meters(own)Buildings the total area with a cellar - 2 847 square meters.Usable area - 1 682 sq. m.Corridor an area of 265 square meters.For loading and unloading cargo ramp area - 450 square meters.Basement area - 450 square meters.The cost is 900,000 euros. The object including 14 business places. Rent a shopping center. Main tenants:1.Store the remaining lease 405 square meters of open lease with obligation to cancel a quarter of it.2.Supermarket rental 325 square meters of retail space and 172 square metres of storage space. The disclosed lease obligations to terminate a quarter of it.3.Orthodox Church - negotiations the conclusion of the lease for 300 square meters of the independent space. From 2014 years 1 months 8 from the date, for a period of 5 years, optional 5 years. Other tenants: a clothing store in fashion outlets, a tavern, a computer store, bike repair shop and online store to showcase the point. There are two vacant houses for rent - it is a warehouse 38 square meters and an office of 16 square metres. According to the approved Urban Development Plan, the shopping center is located in the future positive development of the region. Schwerin is a German city Mecklenburg - Vorpommern's capital. It is located in the Lake District to Schwerin Lake and famous. With a population of about 10 million people. Schwerin is an ancient historic city with many architectural monuments. After the repair restoration and of the Knights of the castle, it is located in the centre of the lake, is the historical heritage of one of the objects is in the UNESCO protection. The city has many tourists visit. If you are on other objects of interest may be submitted in the request. Our staff will contact you and provide you with your required property. Don't miss out on the German purchase of the Mall a unique opportunity! 


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