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Modern design surrounded by nature and tranquility.
This planned new residential building offers 9 condominiums and a garden studio for sale.
One specialty of this house is the mindset of the architects. The goal is to build an open living space. With the help of large windows you get the possibility to let a lot of light into the apartments.
Since efficiency is a very important issue these days, even the windows, which are made of aluminum, can be kept insulated by the room temperature without much loss of temperature.

Other special features:

Oak parquet in living room and bedroom
underfloor heating
built-in blinds on all windows
Bathroom fittings from renowned manufacturers
Underground parking available additionally


The new building here is located in one of the fastest growing districts in Berlin.
Pankow is gaining more and more popularity as it is a relatively central district, but has a wealth of nature. Whether parks or forests, Pankow can serve both and not too tight.
Furthermore, Pankow is a quiet, civilized district, which is also reflected in the population.
Moreover you will find everything you need for everyday life the surrounding are, from doctors to supermarkets over restaurants and schools.
The connection Pankows to the public transport is, as is customary for Berlin, excellent. From the new building to the next bus and train station it is only 2 minutes on foot.

If you are looking for a quiet area in which your children can grow up undisturbed but you want to live in the capital of Germany at the same time, Pankow is just the right district for you.

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