Residential and commercial building Freiberg


Object Description

The four-story historic building under the protection of monuments,the building combines residential and commercial space. The first floor can be fully used in Commerce. Top, the 4th floor has been redesigned to two attic apartments. All apartments are completely renovated.
The shopping area in the EU amount to a total of about 260 square Meters, rental income is about 5,000 euros per month

The living area consists of 8 residential units which is divided as follows:
the first floor
The apartment is about 162 1,67m2, rental income from 918 €
2 bedroom apartment of approximately 125 sq. m. rental income 750 €
second floor
The apartment is about 1 km 120,94, rental income from 660 €
Apartment 2 approximately 79m2, rental income from 420 €
The apartment is about 65 3,08m2, rental income of 313 €

3rd floor + a converted attic

Apartment 1 of about 114m2, rental income 700.- €
Apartment 2 to about 100,78m2 loft / gallery, the income from the rent 520 €
Flat 3, about 107,55m2 loft / gallery, the income from the rent 580 €

In the basement there is a room area of about 80 square meters with a separate entrance! In the past it was used as a shop.
Rental income should be reached by around 300.- €


University town in Germany, the administrative center and mining town, which is located in the heart of Saxony between Dresden and Chemnitz. The entire historic centre of Freiberg is under state protection.
Historical residential and commercial building is located in a very convenient and Central location with good infrastructure. Just a few minutes from the building you can reach banks, restaurants, various shops, post office and bus station.


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