The old building next to the Park Sanssouci


Object Description

Beautiful stucco elements, as well as the historic railing and frescoes, entrance for its elegant architecture from the turn of the century and reflect the charm of classic old buildings. Each apartment has its own balcony or terrace, ceiling of 3 meters in height and decorated with some stucco elements, wooden Windows, wooden panel doors, partly wooden floorboards and laminated floors. Heating provided using modern gas Central heating. Green yards is equipped with a sandbox for the youngest residents. There are Parking spaces for bicycles which are in very tidy condition.


Representative 4-storey apartment building located in a quiet street next to Park Sanssouci.
The nearest train station Charlottenhof is located just 200 metres from the apartment complex, and to the Potsdam main station can be reached in 2 minutes.

Apartments in this area can be rented for the price of 11 to 13 euros per square meter.


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