Trades on the KuDamm


Object Description

Object DescriptionThe offered a shop with a large and effective advertising showcase located in the ground floor, directly on the kurfürstendamm, between Hallensee and Adenauer Platz. The location can be in Berlin could hardly be better, the road is extremely well attended and very well accessible. In the immediate vicinity you will find buses, U-Bahn, S-Bahn, or request Taxis. The property is in a very good condition and just waiting to be re-discovered.On the surface of various concepts of use. The commercial can be used as a shop or as a shop office.The walls are of a high quality plastered, the floor is covered with polished tiles, the Ceilings are very high and make the room to appear larger. Everything is tuned with a lot of taste on each other and looks very luxurious and classy. The rooms are brightly lit, which emphasizes the benefits of the property, such as the staircase, with gold elements.- The rent is 4.980 EU cold - 30-EU/m2


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