Castle in Hungary


Object Description

We offer this castle for sale. It is 5km from theaustrian Empire's border in Hungary, it is situated in the green area of the town of Kőszeg(Güns), at the foot of the mountain Szabó.The building was built in the year 1932 and formerly a Sanatorium and later aschildren holiday home.Thanks to the quiet, relaxing environment - ingeneral in the many Altbäumen in the Park - the complex is also still in use today for e.g. therapeutic or tourist or ... target .The utilization of this complex will be easier for the future owner by diegültige building permit clearly, in the case of a tag only needs to be modified.THE BUILDING STANDS UNDER MONUMENT PROTECTION!!!!Dieerhobene utilities are developed within the plot (e.g., transformer house)On request, we gladly send you a detailed Exposé with further information, static report and a site plan and to answer first questions by telephone!You can use it nbsp every day of the week&; personally, look! General description:built in  1932Grundstücksfläche  33961 m2Wohnfläche : 3600 m2 - 2 floors, 44 rooms plus 6 other building construction roof: monolithic reinforced concrete walls: brick valid building permit comprehensive static report no monument protection!!!


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